Articles – January to May 2013

1. First Bash at this :


The very first post on Sincy Science, focusing on the discovery of the Huge Large Quaser Group, and its size in comparison to the rest of the universe

2. The Consequences of the Huge Large Quaser Group: 


What the discovery of the Huge LQG mean on the current laws of physics in the Universe

3. The Miracle of the Michelangelo Hand: 


A summary of Ottobock’s Michealangelo Hand, how it can be used as a prosthetic arm and the Passion for the Paralympics tour.

4. Bad science and Black Holes: 


How bad science can spoil a good film, and the truth about orbiting Black Holes

5. Can Britain survive on just Renewable energy?:


Calculating how much energy could be produced from using renewables and whether it would be enough to cover Britains current energy needs.

6. So if not renewable energy, what are Britains alternatives?: 


The pros and cons of Coal, Gas and Nuclear energy.

7. A bit of your time please….:


How we can use time in science, from relativity to the possibility of time travel.

8. A brief history of Photography from the Edinburgh Science Festival: 


A run down of what went on at the Tin Box Camera workshop of the Edinburgh Science Festival 2013, and how photography has changed over the last hundred years.

9. The humour of science: 


The lighter side of science, from botched experiements to ‘accidental’ drawings of male organs

10. The Physics of Hockey: 


How the laws of Physics can be applied to the game of hockey, from stick skills to types of equipment and playing surfaces

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