Digital science shows are available to be used either in a classroom setting or shared during home learning with pupils.

After purchasing a show your school will receive access to its own dedicated password protected page which will contain a video of the first digital science show, Eclectic Energy . There is a full show version, but also separate individual sections allowing flexibility in utilising the show for your lesson plans. These will be aimed at P4-P7 level and available to use by the school as many times as you wish for the rest of the academic year.

The link to your page will be displayed below, and will be named after one of the elements of the periodic table.

Further digital science shows will be developed throughout the course of the year, and will be added to your page along with any extra resources at no extra cost.

The price of a digital science show page for 2020/21 is £100.

To purchase a digital science show page please contact Craig at, or use the contact panel below.

Eclectic Energy Highlights