Edinburgh Science

Events Developer (Festival Content)

Craig assisted in writing the interpretation for the ‘Consumed’ public exhibition, which was displayed on the Mound in Edinburgh for 3 weeks as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival 2022. It was split into four separate containers, each looking at a different way the world can adapt into a circular economy, including transport, food, energy, and fashion.

Craig also consulted on a new online science show about the chemistry in climate change, which was in development as part of Edinburgh Science’s school programme Generation Science.

National Mining Museum Scotland

Workshop development

Craig developed an teacher led, classroom based workshop as part of the National Mining Museum Scotland’s Climate Beacon, in the lead up to COP26 held in November 2021. Participating classes would watch the digital science show ‘Eclectic Energy’ to get an introduction to renewable energy and climate change, before being led by the teacher through a power point presentation explaining their challenge. In their groups they would have to select one of two pre-determined sites in Midlothian to build the first ‘net zero’ town in Scotland, adding in the infrastructure they would think a town required, and justifying their reasoning through a poster presentation which was presented online to a member of the museum. Their posters and maps were then displayed in exhibition gallery of the National Mining Museum Scotland for the duration of the climate beacon.

More information, including downloads of the worksheets, can be found here

National Museums Scotland

Workshop development and delivery

Craig developed an activity based on plastic waste in oceans for the National Museum of Scotland, writing a script, sourcing materials, a delivering the workshop throughout the October holidays in the lead up to COP26 held in Glasgow in November 2021.

Members of the public would try to fish a variety of plastic objects out of our ‘ocean’ before taking them to an information table to find out a bit more history behind plastic, how much of each plastic is produced each year, and how long each type of plastic takes to degrade, with possible alternatives offered for participants to try to reduce their own plastic waste.

Whitelee Wind Farm

Interpretation Consultant

Craig wrote the interpretation for the refresh of the Scottish Power renewable energy and climate change exhibition at Whitelee Wind Farm, producing learning outcomes and creative ideas for each exhibit, and ensuring accurate, up to date, and accessible information about renewable energy and the wider uses of the land around the site.

BBC Bitesize

Science Consultant


Craig was the science consultant for BBC Bitesize filming, in which he sourced and set up equipment for selected science experiments showing different scientific methods. He also trained actors to perform each experiment safely and correctly to ensure authenticity throughout the filming.



Craig wrote, presented, and edited a 3 part series of videos on current and future energy use in transport, utilising engaging experiments as examples of energy sources, and ensuring all information was accurate and up to date.

Pint of Science

Filming Consultant

Craig successfully coordinated a team of students to film and edit short videos showing the 3 nights of Pint of Science at several venues across Glasgow, highlighting specific researchers as well as the overall festival.