Articles – June 2013 to April 2014

11. What are we made of?: 


The standard model of science, covering how the structure of the atom was discovered and all the sub particles which make up atoms.

12. Science and Morals: 


The morality in Science, where do we draw the line?

13. How to find north…..: 


The myths behind locating north, via stargazing and magnetism.

14.How to cure a hangover…..: 


The science behind a hangover, and the possible remedies from the present and future to cure such a terrible thing!

15. The Big Bang Theory:

The Bang Theory, but not the original......

The origins of the theory of a Big Bang, and describing what exacty went on in those first few seconds of existance plus the possible endings of our universe.

16. The Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2013 – A brief review: 


The trials and tribulations of working at one of the largest science festivals in the world.

17. Cloud Chambers!: 

A modern cloud chamber

The science and history behind on of the worlds first particle detectors

18. Gravitational waves have been discovered, but what are they?: 

The ripples of gravitational waves

An insight to gravitational waves, where they come from and what their discovery means for our current view of the Big Bang

19. Liquid Nitrogen and the Osobranchus Jantseanus: 

Liquid nitrogen evaporating in room temperature

The properties of working with Liquid Nitrogen, and the resiliance of a very unique animal

20. How do you follow the greatest experiment ever done?:

Deep thought from the film versiin of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

A look at the designs for the follow up to the LHC

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