National Museums Scotland

Science Engagement & Outreach Assistant 2017-2020


Craig was the lead coordinator and presenter of the Powering Up renewable energy outreach programme, which brought science shows and activities to five local authority areas across Scotland.  The project utilised partnerships with local museums in each area: the National Mining Museum, Scottish Maritime Museum, New Lanark World Heritage Site and Stanley Mills (part of Historic Environment Scotland). These acted as host venues for workshops for local primary schools and has to date reached 13,000 pupils, teachers and members of the public

Craig also took the lead role in the development, organisation and delivery of the Powering Up Science Festival, which has engaged 700 members of the public in Dumbarton with science in 2018 and 2019.

Craig was nominated for his work in the ‘Charity Champion’ category of the Scottish Power Foundation Awards 2019

BBC Bitesize

Science Consultant 2019


Craig was the science consultant for BBC Bitesize filming, in which he set up selected science experiments and trained actors to perform them safely and correctly.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

Science Communicator (EISF) 2012,2013,2015,2017

Science Communicator/Performer (Generation Science) 2017

Craig has participated in the Edinburgh Science Festival as a science communicator on four occasions, leading workshops for the public on computer programming, photography and circuit soldering.

He also travelled to primary schools around Scotland as part of Generation Science, where he presented Space Base; a pop up planetarium which educated pupils on the solar system and wider galaxy

Glasgow Science Centre

Science Communicator 2013-2016

Science Communicator (Outreach) 2015-2016

Science Team Video Producer 2016

Craig presented over 1000 science shows, planetarium shows and education workshops in his time at GSC, where he was one of the few science communicators to have presented in all 4 delivery areas; the Science Show Theatre, Planetarium, Lab, and Early years workspace.

Latterly he joined the Bodyworks on Tour outreach team delivering shows and portable exhibits to schools across the whole of Scotland, before creating engaging online content as the Science Team Video Producer

Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Science Communicator Team Leader (ADSF) 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017

Craig has trained local university students in science communication at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival on four occasions, overseeing workshops on photography, kaleidoscopes, musical instruments and microbit computer programming.