Science shows are available to book for primary schools, community events and organised clubs. All equipment is provided and risk assessed, and only a large hall with a power socket is required from each venue.

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Eclectic Energy

As a nation we are becoming more and more reliant on renewable energy. In this 45 minute show Craig goes through what renewable energy is, the sources available, and how each source creates electricity, using volunteers and engaging experiment demonstrations.

Prices: 1 show (£150), 2 shows (£200), 3 shows (£250)


Renewable Energy Drop in Activites

Suitable for community events and science festivals, Craig can bring model wind turbines and solar panels for your audience to experiment with. How many blades is best for a wind turbine? What happens to a solar panel when placed in shadow? All will be answered in these practical, hands-on activities.

Full day (£250), Half day (£150)